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Wehmeyer Enterprises aims to build and grow Texas businesses

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

DALLAS, January 25, 2018 -- Wehmeyer Enterprises was officially formed today by Bobby Wehmeyer as a vehicle for acquiring, establishing, and growing Texas businesses.

After business school, Bobby spent 7 years in management consulting with A.T. Kearney where he advised top executives at some of the world's largest retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, CPG's, media companies, and financial services companies. After providing consulting services for two companies owned by Centerbridge Partners, he left A.T. Kearney to run distribution operations for another Centerbridge company -- Reddy Ice. Bobby spent the last four years at Reddy Ice, where he brought process and discipline to operations, improving safety, reducing the costs of delivery, fleet, and raw materials, reducing out of stocks, and improving customer service metrics.

Bobby left Reddy Ice in December to seek opportunities to invest in lower middle market and early stage businesses. He expects Wehmeyer Enterprises to make one significant new investment every 1-2 years.

SOURCE: Wehmeyer Enterprises, LLC

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