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Bobby Wehmeyer joins Elevation Industries' advisory board

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

DALLAS, March 21, 2018 -- Bobby Wehmeyer joined Elevation Industries' advisory board today. Elevation Industries, founded by Audrey and Neil Sullivan, produces and distributes Quari Handcrafted ice.

Quari provides beautiful, pure, crystal clear, slow-melt ice to retailers, restaurants, and bars across Chicago. Quari customers have dubbed Quari Ice "the best ice in the world".

Quari is committed to serving its community and people within it who need a fresh start. Quari partners with Cara, Clean Slate, and GRIP Outreach’s Future Steps – organizations with decades of experience transforming lives and making investments of time and resources that allow those who need it most to reach their potential, and become a powerful force for good in their families and communities.

Visit for more information.

SOURCE: Wehmeyer Enterprises, LLC

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